The name of the property is Quaggafontein and Vaalfontein (ie: the whole of the property consists of two parts, once used as sheep farms), which is located 30 km southeast of Stonehenge Private Reserve as the crow flies, below Skoorsteenberg mountain. It is accessed by taking the R354 turnoff from the R355, and travelling in an easterly direction.

The property is within the Western Cape provincial boundary and features one portion characterised by a high degree of biodiversity and vulnerable flora and fauna species (which will be off-limits in order to preserve these species) and another that is characterised by degradation (which would be appropriate for our event site). That the property is in proximity to the Cederberg-Tankwa Wilderness Corridor and that the northern boundary of the property borders the Tankwa Karoo National Park, places it well as far as plans to preserve and/or restore areas of biodiversity goes.

Dialogue has been entered into with the Tankwa Karoo National Park (TKNP) to chart a way forward on the potential for symbiosis between the park and the intentions of AfrikaBurn to achieve protected area status for the land.