How can you get involved?

Everyone involved in the process to date – including our Land Committee, Members body and members of our community in the Tankwa Karoo, and elsewhere, are excited by the prospects and opportunities that our new event site holds. And, even though many of the event-related aspects have been discussed and to some extent mapped out, there remain many question marks around what other activities the property can sustain or host.

Over the coming months, a series of workshops and discussions will be held to which any interested parties are welcome – and we will have news on these soon. Once the series of dates have been nailed down, we’ll provide a calendar on this page – and will send alerts & invites our through our usual online channels and Baardskeerder newsletter.

Just like Tankwa Town, so this new project will require innovators, dreamers and doers – so if you’d like to sign up to get involved with our planning and discussions, fill in your details below: