National Lotteries Commission

In October, AfrikaBurn received the first tranche of a R915,000 grant from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) towards environmental and farming infrastructure. This invaluable NLC funding provides us with the first green shoots of our environmental restoration plans for Quaggafontein as it will contribute significantly to our circular waste economy set up, our habitat restoration and permaculture programmes in the Tankwa Karoo.

This page specifically documents the progress of the NLC funded developments. 

Ongoing Updates

30 March 2021


It is no secret that AfrikaBurn is more than just an arts event in the desert, it is so much more than that. We have highly idealistic and incredibly long-term goals when it comes to implementing projects on Quaggafontein for the betterment of the planet and the community, as well as towards earth jurisprudence.

With this funding, we now have a springboard to accelerate us towards our first step: implementation of our circular economy. And for us to successfully achieve this goal, we also need to start where we are, and we are pushing “Go!”

Our starting points are with key infrastructure developments. We are now able to buy the start-up phase of our solar system, which will mean that we won’t be reliant on bringing up and burning fossil fuels to keep operations going at Quaggafontein. Both the environment as well as our fuel budget is grateful for this!

In addition to this, we can also mobilise irrigation – this involves installing a pump at the borehole for strong and drinkable water flow, which is always necessary in the desert; our mobile unit has a two-fold purpose, it enables us to irrigate the land and will also assist with our humanure processing in the long term. Historically, the humanure processing would have cost a lot, as well as being very process intensive, and therefore would not have achieved neutral (or negative) carbon offset, which is one of our longer term goals. To even be able to make our own humanure on site is life-changing, because once the food garden is established, we will be able to fertilise the food garden with our own manure.
The use of non-waterborne sewage is a huge priority and it is with special thanks to the epic volunteers from our Architecture Committee, that the eco ablution building process can now begin.

All of this is angling us towards the first Eco Trip on Easter Weekend…for which there will be a report back shortly.

7 April 2021


Photo thanks to Monique Schiess

We’ve literally been provided the tools to build our permaculture project from the ground up. Picks, spades, shovels and garden gloves all purchased with the NLC grant along with second hand tunnels and irrigation infrastructure underpinned the success of the groundbreaking Eco Trip on 1-5 April, our first public gathering on Quaggafontein.

Locally sourced trees, endemic plants, seeds, mulch and manure were also purchased and planted during Eco Trip, when a bunch of volunteers and AfrikaBurn crew set foot on the farmstead to do the spadework of setting up new projects in the Tankwa.