What implications does this new event site hold in terms of restorative justice?

This question has been at the forefront of our concerns from when we first started contemplating owning our own piece of land. With the AfrikaBurn imperative to “invent the world anew” we agreed that we are not satisfied with plainly using the default world version of land ownership, especially in the context of previous and current dispossession in this country.

What we felt when we thought we were going to buy, and then found alignment with the Mapula Trust on, was that there was broad agreement that we would want to explore the idea of what the most philosophically transformative thing that we could do with land in the Tankwa/surrounds.

Our aims in this area are to have a principles-inspired exploration within the South African context of privilege and dispossession, to ensure that our impact on the community, land, environment and people is a positive one. In this process, we would ask relevant questions such as: ‘Are there any sacred sites on the land?’, and ‘How do we institute Earth jurisprudence practices?’, all within the context of our given AfrikaBurn mission statement of ‘inventing the world anew’.

We see this as an opportunity to experiment with a new way forward...