Open Funding Call

AfrikaBurn announces an open call for funding in the Tankwa Karoo.

Apply now to donate to AfrikaBurn’s programmes in the following areas:

1) Children

Education and development for Tankwa’s school age learners includes:

  • Feeding scheme at Elandsvlei Primary School 
  • Teaching assistance at Elandsvlei Primary School
  • Financial support for continuing education at Calvinia High School

An average of 40 children annually are supported by AfrikaBurn through Elandsvlei Primary a quintile 1 school meaning that they are required to offer places at no cost. When the learners move onto high school some 120kms away, they are accommodated in a hostel. Currently there are two Tankwa learners at Calvinia High. A former learner who was supported in her schooling by AfrikaBurn is currently completing her education degree online whilst working as an assistant teacher at Elandsvlei.  Keeping the school open is essential for the families in the Tankwa Karoo given the vast distances to surrounding towns and villages.

Supplied by Elandsvlei Primary School
Supplied by Lorraine Tanner

2) Donkeys

Animal Welfare* service provision for Tankwa’s donkeys and horses includes: 

  • Subsidized fodder
  • Vet and farrier monitoring visits 
  • Replacement materials for harnessing
  • Basic training in harness making and first aid
  • Animal first aid kits

In partnership with an expert team from the Cart Horse Protection Association, AfrikaBurn helps the karretjiemense of the Tankwa keep their donkeys and horses healthy and happy through monitoring, medicines, feed, materials and basic training. Visits monitor between 25-50 equines.

*Animal welfare provision has also included pet food and a spayathon for dogs and cats.

3) Plants

Rehabilitation of the Tankwa habitat and protection of the natural environment on Quaggafontein Farm includes: 

  • Development of an integrated and holistic plan for ecological restoration
  • Soil stabilization
  • Seed farm (shed, nursery) and equipment
  • Participatory eco restoration programmes involving Tankwa community
  • Weather station

With a long time-horizon and a solid dose of idealism, the restoration and regeneration of the denuded Quaggafontien and Vaalfontien farms to healthy working ecological systems within a very challenging environment, requiring inventiveness, innovation and hard work is catnip for the burner community.  Restoration of the Tankwa grasses is a long term commitment and something that our neighbour SANParks has identified as requiring intervention due to overgrazing spanning centuries.

Supplied by Kevin Rack
Supplied by Monique Schiess

4) Planet

Sustainable development programmes on Quaggafontein and Vaalfontein Farms include:

  • Integrated renewable power: solar, wind, waste plastic conversion
  • Humanure and greywater processing
  • Food gardens
  • Leave No Trace programme expansion
  • Water systems integration.
  • Carbon offset programme
  • Green building

AfrikaBurn is working towards being net positive, meaning in the future, our existence improves the ecosystem.  This requires an expansion of our Leave No Trace work, ensuring all activities, operations and infrastructure choices are informed by an ecological imperative of being regenerative, inclusive and equitable, and in long term we do not produce waste. 

Once established, our circular waste economy systems (created through open source, open science and open innovation) will be showcased and utilized as a resource and tool for environmental education and food security.

What’s in it for you?

Tax relief – donations towards these programmatic areas are tax deductible through Afrika Burns Creative Project’s ring fenced Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation status.  (If you are an international donor, you’ll have to check your own revenue authority’s rules on donations to international non profit organisations). 

General warm fuzzy feelings associated with actively investing in the Tankwa’s current and future wellbeing. 

If you wish your support to be acknowledged (rather than remain anonymous) – your name will be included in our annual roll call on our Bellows page.

But why not art?

South African Revenue Services does not currently consider cultural activities worthy of tax relief to donors. Until they have a change of heart, we are unable to offer tax certificates for donations to arts projects. Contributions towards core costs are still very welcome and necessary to sustain cultural services.

If you have any questions about the projects and donations, please email us on [email protected] and your email will be forwarded to the project team.

For more info on how to help

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